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From Craig <>
Subject Re: strange dependency resolution errors in mvn 3.0 - FIXED!
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 03:38:59 GMT
Ha. Funny story. It transpired that we had a cron job on the build
server "cleaning up" the local repo, deleting *files* older than five
days. I believe this was put in because the repo was accumulating
gigabytes of timestamped snapshots of war artifacts. In maven 3, the
pom is copied into the local repo with the same modified-file-time as
the original pom, while the built artifacts have modified-file-times
of the actual build. Thus our cron job was just deleting the pom out
of the directory, leading to an invalid state directory. In maven 2,
either the pom modified-file-time was kept the same as the other
artifacts, meaning everything in the directory got deleted together,
or maven 2 was better at dealing with invalid state directories.

The moral of the story is: don't dick around in the repo. I bet there
is a plugin which performs a cleanup on the local repo...would I be

Anyway, I believe this still highlighted a couple of undesirable
behaviours in maven 3:
1) not detecting the illegal state of the local repo, and attempting
to fix it by re-resolving from the remote repo
2) not resolving the pom, but then only emitting a warning, and
carrying on with the build giving spurious errors

If you want to reproduce this scenario:
* have A:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT, depend on B:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT (with actual
compile time dependencies)
* mvn install on both
* delete just B-1.0-SNAPSHOT.pom from the local repo
* mvn clean install on A
* note the message  [WARNING] The POM for B:1.0-SNAPSHOT is missing,
no dependency information available
* note the build continue, then fail at the compile phase

thanks all.


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