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From Akhilesh Singh <>
Subject Maven Transitive dependency for woven jar
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2010 11:09:17 GMT
  I am currently facing an issue in our project setup. The scenario is
something like this:

1) Project A -> Project B
                  -> Project C

2) Project A-web -> Project A
                             Project D

This works all fine as generated was for Project A-web conains all the
required jars. ( A, B, C,D)

3) Project A-woven -> Project A

Now, we are creating a aspectj woven jar pf Project A using aspectj mojo.
The name of this module is Project A-woven. We want to include this jar in
the Project A-web instead of Project A. However, if I add Project A-woven as
dependency and add Project A as exclusion in Project A-web( otherwise both A
and A-woven will be present) , Project B and Proejct-C will also not be
included in the resulting war.  Project A is a typical enterprise
application and has more than 20 jars as dependency which I don't want to
add again in Project A-web or Project A-woven.

My idea is to add Project A-woven with Project-A as exclusion in Project
A-web while keeping the dependencies of A intact. Is this possible?

Can anybody please help with suggestions on this?

*Akhilesh Singh*
*Chief Software Architect, *
*Zinnia Systems,*
*Mobile: +91 9742306306*
** <>

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