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From Christopher Hunt <>
Subject Re: Developing MOJOs using JSR-330
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2010 22:00:37 GMT
On 14/11/2010, at 11:54 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> Plexus the implementation does not live. But with Guice, as Stuart has answered, mimics
Plexus as there is no feasible way we could just stop supporting Plexus. Every plugin, component
and configuration would break.
I wasn't suggesting for a second that Plexus support be dropped - my apologies if that's how
it came across.

> In my perfect world Maven, Nexus, Hudson and M2E plugins will be written against JSR-330
so we're on the same page there.

> We made the changes to the underlying systems with your perspective in mind. No one really
wants to learn N APIs when one will do. But we just can't stop supporting Plexus cold turkey,
that's just an unworkable situation.
I wasn't suggesting that.

> Sonatype has been testing the JSR-330 approach in Nexus and Hudson for over six months,
and we are just introducing it into M2E now. But Maven has the more users then any of those
systems so it's the one we're moving slowest on.
Fair enough. I'm still wondering how much effort it'd be to build a JSR-330 layer on top of
Plexus purely for the purposes of developing plugins that are future-proof and work with Maven

Do you have an online resource that documents the current thinking in how the plugin annotations
would look (further to what you posted the other day)?


Kind regards,
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