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From Christopher Hunt <>
Subject Re: Continuous Delivery and Maven
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2010 00:37:58 GMT
Please correct me if I do not have this right, but in effect the requirement is to take a snapshot
release, the developer do their testing and then, if satisfied, release it in effect by renaming
the artifact to drop the "-SNAPSHOT"? My apologies if this is an over simplification, but
if it is indeed the case then I think there is a flaw. Just because the developer has done
their testing doesn't mean that everyone in the team has done their testing.

For example when I release, I login into a user blessed with the rights to make a release.
I check out the specific rev from the repo and then run the release plugin on it. The resultant
assembly is then made available to the test teams for their functional testing. This process,
while it can be quite automated, is nonetheless triggered as a manual request from the test
teams (generally raised as a JIRA issue in my case). I've found that the testers do not generally
want a release per day. Some days they may want two releases in a day, sometimes two per week;
generally depending on where they are in their cycle etc. The releases that they get are not
snapshots. Initially there are alpha and then beta releases.

If a beta release is approved then the specific rev (the same rev as the last beta) will be
checked out from scm and the release plugin will be run again on it, this time producing a
final version. The testers will then do some sanity testing on this release.

Before this thread I was really happy with my release process, but now I'm having doubts.
Am I overlooking something here?
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