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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Maven Site Customization
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 18:13:42 GMT
On 2010-11-03 17:02, ginni wrote:
> Also, I added site.xml to each of the pom projects that are 'modules' of the
> parent.  The structure is like this:
> where aero is the parent pom. common is also a parent pom with aero as its
> parent. Its modules are all those under common. The other projects (e.g.,
> justification) are pom projects with common as the parent and the sub
> projects (e.g., justification-data) as modules.
> I added site.xml to each of the pom projects to describe them and included
> ref="parent", ref="modules" and ref="reports" in each one.  However, when I
> look at the common project, I see no link to the aero parent.
> Again, my images do not show up, though my index.apt files are being used. 
> Does some information in the pom.xml overwrite what is specified in
> site.xml?

Have you set the <relativePath> element in the parent declaration of
your POMs? The site generation uses those to try to determine the
relative path between parent and child sites.

Oh, have you read the FAQ? In particular:

> Additionally, there is no link to javadocs.  How do I set all of this up
> correctly?

I would suggest that you pick up one of the books on Maven to get the
complete picture. Some of them are available as free downloads:

> Thanks!

Dennis Lundberg

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