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From Dirk Reske <>
Subject module versioning best practice
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 12:31:47 GMT

I have question about best practices for the versioning of my modules.
Simple example:

I have my "main" project: MainProject (just a simple webapp)
and a bunch of separate maintained modules, e.g.


The messaging api contains a set of interfaces for external messaging 
services and the sms.impl and email.impl contains concrete 
implementations therefore.
How should I set the version number of these sub modules? Should each 
has its own or should they derive from the external.api super-pom?
My main project has all three as depedency.
I think I can get version conflicts with both methods. If I change the 
messaging api, and increment the versions of all modules, but only 
change the version of the messaging.api dependency in the main project, 
I have a current messaging.api but older sms.impl that does not use the 
current interfaces.


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