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From Christopher Hunt <>
Subject Re: New filter properties - trigger filtering
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2010 05:32:26 GMT
OK, I think I understand more about what's going on now. I understand that the 4.x maven resources
plugin being used by m2e supports the plexus-build-api. As such I think it is receiving a
BuildContext implementation provided by m2e that is Eclipse JDT-aware. When the resources
plugin is invoked via the command line it appears to be getting a ThreadBuildContext which
I presume wraps a DefaultBuildContext, or at least behaves similarly.

When an m2e BuildContext is used only resources that have changed within the IDE will be signalled
as changed. When a Thread/DefaultBuildContext is used all resources are assumed to have changed.

I think I'm therefore on the right strategy in terms of updating the BuildContext to signal
via refresh() that other resources to be copied. However what I now have to do is figure out
how my MOJO gets an m2e BuildContext injected into it... 

I shall ask on the m2e list. Thanks, and I hope that this is helpful to others.

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