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From Nicola Musatti <>
Subject Re: Practical to have "optional" submodules, getting their artifacts from intranet repo if absent?
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2010 08:29:05 GMT
We handle this very problem by having different aggregating projects for 
different purposes: one is, as you say, a global project that contains 
all the modules that make up our application, which we use for full 
builds and other, smaller aggregator projects that only contain the 
minimal set of necessary for specific development tasks.

I find it convenient to keep a direct correspondence between aggregating 
projects and Eclipse workspaces and although we're not doing it at the 
moment I would see no inconvenience in letting developers create their 
own private aggregators.

This can be achived by keeping dependency information outside the 
aggregating projects, either in a separate parent POM or, as Ron Wheeler 
often suggests, in a separate module that only contains dependency 


>   I currently work on a large enterprise app built with Ant.  The app is
> divided into several projects divided into functional areas.  In order
> to build the entire EAR, all of the projects have to be built, even if
> you're only working on a single one of those projects.
> I'm examining how we could make this work better if we were using Maven.
> I guess a straightforward implementation of this would have a main
> project POM that specifies all the subprojects as submodules, and also
> their artifacts as dependencies.
> It almost seems to me that what I need is the ability to have the main
> POM be somewhat "dynamic", such that if I'm only working on a single one
> of those subprojects, but I need to assemble the EAR containing all of
> the artifacts, then the projects that I don't have checked out would get
> their submodule entry temporarily deleted, and I would get their
> artifacts from the intranet repo.
> I would be using m2eclipse.
> Does any of this make sense?
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