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From jmorrow <>
Subject Re: Continuous Delivery and Maven
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2010 20:43:31 GMT

stephenconnolly wrote:
> so lets say for #1 we add a phase of "ship"... we'd have the standard
> lifecycle something like
> validate -> ... -> compile -> ... -> test -> ... -> package -> ...
> verify -> install -> deploy -> ship
> that would allow us to bind our CD steps to the "ship" phase...

I'd be concerned about binding the CD steps to any phase in Maven. In my
mind a server deployment should happen by grabbing the deployable artifact
from your repository and sending it to the server. In CD we would need to
send the artifact to multiple servers through out the pipeline and
ultimately have a "push-button" deployment to production. CD is all about
making artifacts availible to be deployed not neccessarily forcing the
deployment. THis means we have to have a place where the latest blessed
version is staged and ready to go.

I see the Maven repo as an ideal place for this.

In our environment I feel the "build" build responsibility of maven ends
with an artifact being deployed/promoted in the repository. After that the
server deployment is triggered and picks up said artifact. I see many tools
as possible in this part of the process, most notably scripting or a
separate unique Maven invokation. I just think it is very important to
separate this phase/process from the build phase/process.

In many environments we'd also want to pull enviroment specific
configuration from a cmdb, add this to the deployable and then deploy. I
don't see how this could be easily accomodated if this is simply taked on to
the standard Maven life-cycle.
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