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From jmorrow <>
Subject RE: Continuous Delivery and Maven
Date Wed, 10 Nov 2010 19:50:34 GMT

Thiessen, Todd (Todd) wrote:
> Is LATEST deprecate now?
> But if I recall correctly, I don't think it would be quite right either as
> LATEST implies the latest release or snapshot. So you'll want to be
> careful here.

You are correct it is depricated as of 3.x. It has generally been thought of
as bad practice to use latest as you never really knew what version you were
dependent on and for non-CD approaches this makes complete sense. In CD I
think it embodies exactly what you do want, the latest code that has passed
a certain phase of the pipeline.

RELEASE would probably be better, but alas it is depricated as well.

I think it is unfortunate that this was removed from Maven 3 as it was
valuable in certain circumstances and now that CD is hitting the big time it
would be useful.

I don't like the idea of specifying the top end of the version range becasue
I am not in control of when the team I am dependent on updates their major
version number. I might not catch the change and continue development
against old versions, this would effectively render my CI environment

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