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From "jon.mithe" <>
Subject Custom assembly of multi module project
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 13:14:33 GMT


I'm trying to switch over to maven for a project I developing in work, new
to maven and finding packaging it a little tricky. 

The app I am writing has a core framework module and then a bunch of other
modules that provide plugin like functionality.  The idea being I can
produce different builds with different combinations of modules /
functionality.  The confusing bit is each module specifies its own configs +
other config like resources and these must be aggregated together in the
build. So my project:

Parent  Project
--Core Module
---- src/main/java
---- src/main/config
---- src/main/other_resource_directory
--Module A
---- src/main/java
---- src/main/config
---- src/main/other_resource_directory
--Module B
---- src/main/java
---- src/main/config
---- src/main/other_resource_directory

needs to go to the final package / zipped artifact:

./config/<all configs accross all modules>
./other_resource_directory/<all other resources accross all modules>

As I understand, I need to use the maven-assembly-plugin to do most of this,
and to include the custom directories I need.

I think I need to define each module artifact as a zip file with the target
jar in it and the 2 folders.  Which involves writing an assembly plugin
instance in the plugin management of the parent POM and my own assembly
descriptor.  The idea being I can reference the plugin as an artifact in
each of my sub modules, i.e:

So I think that may work for each of my sub-modules, but I have no idea then
how to process these artifacts to aggregate this into a zip in the format
above.  I think the artifact is I would get atm is a jar containing all the
zipped artifacts from each modules.  So when that artifact is being created
I need to process the zips from the modules / unpackage each module and copy
configs across etc.

Talked to a friend who said maybe this is not quite within the maven way and
he suggested gradle may be worthwhile looking into but am quite interested
to know if this should be possible in maven.

Thanks for any help figuring this out,
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