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From stug23 <>
Subject RE: Continuous Delivery and Maven
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2010 17:17:01 GMT

I suspect that there is a reasonable way to adjust the builds in Maven such
that they robustly support Continuous Delivery. I know that Jason van Zyl
has started looking at CD as well.

On the Google forum
Chris Hilton commented:

3. In my ideal world, I would probably either extend the release
plugin or write a new one with functionality to take a snapshot
artifact and make it a release artifact, which would still introduce
slight changes but pretty mild ones. I thought I had read a feature
request or wish list about this, but can't find it now. 

The current Maven release plugin, as it is, was not designed to handle the
notion of CD. So it does make sense to tailor this aspect of releasing Maven
artifacts to better support CD.

Also a quick examination of the Maven versions plugin shows that it has
facilities to handle updating versions of projects and their dependencies.
So it looks as if it is more a matter of adjustment of Maven build to
produce a result that aligns with CD than a matter of Maven not being
suitable for CD. I think that the main stumbling block is SNAPSHOTS because
they inherently are not releasable -- part of the process of releasing with
the current Maven release plugin is to fail when there are SNAPSHOT

Another clear requirement for any changes to Maven or its build behavior is
that the current behavior must be maintained for the many projects that
haven't embraced (or won't embrace) Continuous Delivery. So I imagine a
Maven build's behavior being altered through configuration (or a switch of
some sort) to comply with the desired behavior inherent in Continuous
Delivery with respect to the release of artifacts. The major difference
would appear to be with the SNAPSHOT dependencies and the Maven release
process. Other aspects of Maven are for the most part already good as they
are for CD.

This is an interesting challenge that I am sure is best served by a thorough
examination by the Maven and CD experts out there.
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