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From jhumble <>
Subject RE: Continuous Delivery and Maven
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2010 16:14:35 GMT

Hey Todd

The whole point of continuous delivery is that every check-in creates a
potential release candidate.

When you're doing continuous deployment, you could be releasing multiple
times a day, so you don't bother cutting branches or tagging or any of that
stuff because of the overhead. I'd rather not get into the justification for
this process on this thread - but I wrote a book on it if you're interested: and many other people have
blogged about it.

You're right that creating a concrete release for each commit could
potentially use up a lot of space - but that's fine, you can just delete the
older ones. What this *does* mean in turn though is that it is essential to
be able to recreate any given build given the version in source control it
came from, and this is where Maven falls down. Snapshots just aren't
suitable because they aren't reproducible: what the snapshot looks like
depends not only on what versions of the dependencies are available at the
time the snapshot is created, but also what Maven's configuration and
plug-ins happen to be at the time you run it (assuming Maven is configured
to auto-update - the default). I can't revert back to a particular revision
in version control, run maven, and be sure that the artifact it generates is
identical to the one it created when the commit was initially triggered.

Ideally what I'd like is for Maven to explicitly support the continuous
delivery model and provide snapshots that are reproducible. Failing that, a
guide to configuring Maven so that its binaries are reproducible (for
example by switching off auto-update, and having sufficient metadata stored
in pom files and Maven's artifacts repository to know what the state of each
of the dependencies was at any given time.
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