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From Mike Lenner <>
Subject Continuous Build always building against the latest SNAPSHOT version
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 20:05:52 GMT
Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm trying to figure out how
to do this the maven way.

I have a shared dependency called shared-util.  My team frequently
makes changes to our deployable projects along with changes to the
shared-util.  So, in my continuous build, I'd like each of our
projects always building against the latest shared-util.

Seems like a perfect situation for a SNAPSHOT dependency.  So,
project-1 and project-2 each depend on 1.0-SNAPSHOT of shared-util.
Continuous Build deploys the current 1.0-SNAPSHOT to our repo after
each code commit, and project-1 and project-2 build fine.

But then we release project-1.  We don't want to do so with SNAPSHOT
dependencies, so we release shared-util as well.  The maven release
plugin updates shared-util to 1.1-SNAPSHOT after the release (as well
as project-1's dependency).

But now project-2, still dependent on 1.0-SNAPSHOT, is no longer
building against the latest shared-util.  Future commits to
shared-util will not be built against in our Continuous Build for
project-2 because project-2 is dependent on a "dead" snapshot.

What am I missing / doing wrong here?  Seems like snapshots were made
for this use case.


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