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From Hilco Wijbenga <>
Subject Re: Maven 2 & 3 + Hudson + Nexus
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 16:48:16 GMT
On 5 October 2010 04:09, Benjamin Bentmann <> wrote:
> Hilco Wijbenga wrote:
>>       <repositories>
>>         <repository>
>>           <id>central</id>
>>           <url>http://central</url>
>>           <releases>
>>             <enabled>true</enabled>
>>           </releases>
>>           <snapshots>
>>             <enabled>true</enabled>
>>           </snapshots>
>>         </repository>
>>       </repositories>
> From this, it appears to be a bug in Maven 2 since your mirror should be
> contacted for snapshots.
>> What would get Maven to "disable repository central"?
> Might be something goes wrong with the override of central which prevents
> the snapshots=true policy from being applied.

Okay, some more information. I tried it after having removed the
entire com/xyz directory: Maven (2.2.1) downloads two POMs, one
release and one snapshot before failing to download the
test-dependencies-pom again.

Note how it first downloads the 0.0.7-SNAPSHOT POM for xyz-project
just before logging "Skipping disabled repository central".

[DEBUG] Connecting to repository: 'all-mirror' with url:
[DEBUG] attempting to create parent directories for destination:
4K downloaded  (xyz-project-0.0.7-20101002.070000-2.pom)
[DEBUG] Using Wagon implementation lightweight from default mapping
for protocol http
[DEBUG]   Artifact resolved
[DEBUG] Skipping disabled repository central
[DEBUG] test-dependencies-pom: using locally installed snapshot
[DEBUG] Skipping disabled repository central
[DEBUG] Using mirror:
(id: all-mirror)

Maven thinks it has already downloaded test-dependencies-pom? Would
"Artifact resolved" refer to test-dependencies-pom or simply to
xyz-project? Is this related to Wagon? Or is there "incorrect"
metadata in my remote repository (where "incorrect" means, correct for
Maven 3 but unpalatable to Maven 2)?

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