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From Andrew Robinson <>
Subject maven-site-plugin no longer multi-module?
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 22:13:51 GMT
I am trying to get our build system moved over from maven 2.0.8 to
2.2.1, but we have been having problems with the site plugin. While
converting over, I am supporting a profile that changes the plugin
version. Here is the setup:

    <>2.0.1</> <!--
Use the one that 2.0.8 uses by default -->

When I execute "mvn site" from the top level pom directory in maven
2.0.8, it builds the site for the top directory and all of the
modules. If I execute "mvn -PsiteFix site" from maven 2.2.1, it does
not build the modules and only builds the site for the current

Is there a way to get this to function as it did before?

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