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From Phillip Hellewell <>
Subject Re: Can't specify distributionManagement in settings.xml
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2010 19:14:07 GMT
On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 12:42 PM, Siegmann Daniel, NY
<> wrote:
> Phillip,
> Nexus supports deployment via HTTP. Probably other repo managers do too.

Yeah, I just figured that out.  But I'm still getting a 401 error
because I haven't set my credentials yet.   I haven't figured out yet
if it is Tomcat or Nexus that is supposed to specify how
authentication works.

> Using Maven in a corporate setting without having a repository manager
> is like working in a team without a version control system. You could do
> it but you're going to suffer.

No worries.  I've already got Nexus installed (just dropped the WAR
into Tomcat; almost too easy).  I just haven't played with it enough
yet to make sure it can do everything I need it to (like copy
artifacts between repositories).

Also, nothing changes the fact that <distributionManagement> can only
specify two types of repositories.  So to keep things easy I think
from a deployment perspective I should only worry about two
repositories (snapshot and release).

Lastly, I have not found out yet if Nexus or any other repo manager
out there supports SPNEGO.  I may not need any security for
downloading, but for upload/deploy it's an absolute necessity to
restrict it to specific domain users.  One potential solution I'm
hoping will work is to use Nexus only for download, and for deployment
bypass Nexus and deploy to the snapshot or release folder directly
using the file:// protocol with a UNC path.


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