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From Daniele Dellafiore <>
Subject A project uses a resource defined in a module that it does not depends upon
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:17:10 GMT
Hi, I have this situation.

Project A and B have many modules. Everyone has a configuration in
which the root pom defines modules and all the dependency management,
all the submodules uses root A pom as parent. Before I used to have a
separate parent project as onother module but in the end did not seem
really necessary.

Module B1 uses some of the modules of A, but not everyone,

now, I expect that if B1 depends on A1 and A2, it will not have any
relation to A3.
But what happens? That B1 see a file in the classpath of A3, to be
precise, spring loads a properties file that is in
A3/src/main/resources, overriding other properties.
In fact, if from A pom I remove the A3 modulo, the properties file is
not loaded anymore.

I suspect that this happen because A1/2/3 all has A as parent pom.
But this behavior really seem strange to me.

Daniele Dellafiore

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