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From Chris Audley <>
Subject Running tests with dynamic file sets
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 14:10:23 GMT
I'm writing a POM for a project that needs to run unit tests in two
groups, one with forkMode "once" and the other with forkMode "always".
 I understand how to configure two separate executions of the surefire
plugin in the <build> section with separate <configuration> blocks.
The problem I have is that the files to be run by each execution can't
be defined by file patterns in <includes> and <excludes> elements.

Our current ant based build system uses annotations included in the
test sources to create two filesets, a junit task is then used to run
each of the filesets separately.  I know I can use ant within maven to
create these filesets.  Is there a way I can feed these filesets into
the surefire plugin?

Is it better to just forego the surefire plugin and run my unit tests
using an ant based mojo?

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