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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Continuous Build always building against the latest SNAPSHOT version
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2010 21:46:07 GMT
  On 05/10/2010 4:27 PM, Mike Lenner wrote:
>> You just need to bump the dep
>> version in project-2.
> What about the use case where developers on project-2 don't even know
> that project-1 has been released?  All they know is the next time they
> check in code to shared-util and check in code to use that in
> project-2, their CI build breaks.
People who check in code without looking at the error messages about 
conflicts in source version control will get you into all kinds of trouble.
If they checked out version 1.0-SNAPSHOT and are checking into version 
1.1 releases without seeing that someone else has written conflicting 
interfaces and classes, that is the problem to tackle.

Perhaps shared-util is too big and is more unstable than it should be.
We went through this and have refactored our shared libraries to create 
a better set of functionally organized libraries that are more stable.
It also makes it much more obvious that a library will have to change 
during a development cycle so that everyone anticipates the changes.

We have a set of aggregator POMs that are used to build composite jars 
so that the set of "official" libraries can be referenced without having 
to know the version of all of the component libraries.

> Maybe part of the release process of shared-util should be to update
> some parent pom's dependencyManagement section to the 1.1-SNAPSHOT?
> On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Anders Hammar<>  wrote:
>> I don't see that you're doing anything wrong. You just need to bump the dep
>> version in project-2. Or, I guess, you could use version ranges but I'm kind
>> of allergic to them so I'd suggest stay off that path.
>> /Anders
>> On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 22:05, Mike Lenner<>  wrote:
>>> Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'm trying to figure out how
>>> to do this the maven way.
>>> I have a shared dependency called shared-util.  My team frequently
>>> makes changes to our deployable projects along with changes to the
>>> shared-util.  So, in my continuous build, I'd like each of our
>>> projects always building against the latest shared-util.
>>> Seems like a perfect situation for a SNAPSHOT dependency.  So,
>>> project-1 and project-2 each depend on 1.0-SNAPSHOT of shared-util.
>>> Continuous Build deploys the current 1.0-SNAPSHOT to our repo after
>>> each code commit, and project-1 and project-2 build fine.
>>> But then we release project-1.  We don't want to do so with SNAPSHOT
>>> dependencies, so we release shared-util as well.  The maven release
>>> plugin updates shared-util to 1.1-SNAPSHOT after the release (as well
>>> as project-1's dependency).
>>> But now project-2, still dependent on 1.0-SNAPSHOT, is no longer
>>> building against the latest shared-util.  Future commits to
>>> shared-util will not be built against in our Continuous Build for
>>> project-2 because project-2 is dependent on a "dead" snapshot.
>>> What am I missing / doing wrong here?  Seems like snapshots were made
>>> for this use case.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Mike
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