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From Max540 <>
Subject Missing Snapshot Jar on Initial Deploy
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2010 03:39:38 GMT

With a very simple project (created from quickstart archtype), w/ pom:

<project xmlns=""
            <name>Test Build Reposiotry</name>

Atter running mvn 2.2.1 with target of "deploy", in /tmp/repo i get:

#-(0)> tree test
`-- test-deploy
    |-- 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
    |   |-- maven-metadata.xml
    |   |-- maven-metadata.xml.md5
    |   |-- maven-metadata.xml.sha1
    |   |-- test-deploy-1.0.0-20101029.202702-1.jar
    |   |-- test-deploy-1.0.0-20101029.202702-1.jar.md5
    |   |-- test-deploy-1.0.0-20101029.202702-1.jar.sha1
    |   |-- test-deploy-1.0.0-20101029.202702-1.pom
    |   |-- test-deploy-1.0.0-20101029.202702-1.pom.md5
    |   `-- test-deploy-1.0.0-20101029.202702-1.pom.sha1
    |-- maven-metadata.xml
    |-- maven-metadata.xml.md5
    `-- maven-metadata.xml.sha1

When I use the copy-dependencies goal of the maven-dependency-plugin w/
following config:


It fails to find the perviously deployed SNAPSHOT jar.

If I manually copy ~/ .m2/repository/test/test-deploy/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT


into the deploy repo (/tmp/test/test-deploy/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT) then subsequent
deploys will update them to the latest deployment (as expected)

Why aren't the "SNAPSHOT" artifacts created on initial deployment? Am I
missing something?
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