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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Maven Release
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2010 19:26:01 GMT
  On 24/09/2010 12:58 PM, Wendy Smoak wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 12:07 PM, Mahdi Yusuf<>  wrote:
>> Thanks.
>> What setup do they require in the POMs? Where can I get a definition of all
>> the various tags?
> If you click on each of the goals at the top of the plugin web page,
> it will give you a list of all the possible parameters.
> I'm not sure you need to configure anything in the pom beyond the scm
> urls... try it without and see what you get.  It should Just Work. :)
> But if it doesn't, respond and we'll help you figure out what's
> different.
> Once you get it working I'd be interested in your thoughts on what you
> would like to see changed on the website.
The web site is written as a mind dump of the developers and does not 
relate well to what an application developer or project manager needs to 

1) It needs a section that describes the knowledge that a person should 
have to read the site and some links to places where you can get this 
knowledge in 1/2 hour. That is about all the time that you get when 
starting a project, for preparing for each tool .
If it takes you longer than 1/2 hour to get ready to read the Maven 
docs, you are probably going to be very unhappy with Maven.

The background expected should be clear to the potential Maven user and 
to anyone writting Maven documentation.

2) It needs a "Best Practice" section where it describes the best way to 
use Maven in various common situations. We spend an incredible amount of 
electronic ink trying to explain to new Maven users what is the "Maven 
way". Often weeks of back and forth exchanges occupying several hours of 
e-mailing are required to explain to a new user why their request for 
changes to the Maven way make no sense. This could frequently be avoided 
by a clear explanation about how to "do" Maven correctly.
There can only be so many sane ways for a development team of less than 
5 people to build a Java web application comprised of less than 20 
webapps .  This leads to a set of "Best Practices" that a 
developer/project manager  can shop through to decide how to structure 
projects and set up dependencies.

This would link to the reference pages for details.
This should also discuss at a high level how:
Repositories (Nexus and others),
IDEs (Eclipse, STS and others) and
Continuous Integration Servers
are best set up to work with Maven.

3) Someone needs to set up an editorial board to have ordinary users 
meet with the Maven developers to review documentation.

4) Reference material needs to be clearly separated from functional 
overviews so that users do not get buried in the 1000 ways that Maven 
can be made to jump through hoops. Often people are using obscure 
plug-ins and plug-in configurations where a plain vanilla pom and 
plug-in will do what they require.
Just because Maven can do something does not mean that you should.

my 2 cents

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