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From Thomas Scheffler <>
Subject Re: Override 'provided' dependency in maven assembly?
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2010 06:26:19 GMT
Am 22.09.2010 05:03, schrieb Kai Hackemesser:
> Hi there,
> we have the case that we have a managed dependency to jug:jug.jar :provided
> in our managed dependency pom. Now one of our applications should include
> that jar as it gets deployed to a place where jug is not provided. When we
> set the scope in the pom in question to 'runtime' the maven assembly is
> still not deploying the jar into the deployment zip. We tried to force it
> using an include tag in the dependencySet tag, but this only let to a
> message that the string didn't match.
> Even more strange - this worked well while the pom was in SNAPSHOT mode.
> What do I miss here?

The better way would be not to mark it as provided when it is not
provided at all time but to exclude the jug dependency when it is not

One would choose provided if the library is per some standard provided
in the runtime environment (e.g. servlet-api) or if you include a custom
implementation of an API in your library or automatically via
maven-shade-plugin etc.



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