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From "Nord, James" <>
Subject Maven 3 - site plugin?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2010 15:48:18 GMT
Hi all,

Does the new site plugin pick up the config for the reporting plugins from plugin management
or build section?

That is with maven 2 if I want to have a checkstyle report in the project site but also be
able to generate it from the command line "mvn checkstyle:checkstyle" I need to configure
checkstyle twice, once in the <reporting> section and once in the build/plugins section.
 Is this still the case with Maven3 and the inline configuration of the site plugin?  If not
what do I configure to only need to configure checkstyle the once?



-----Original Message-----
From: Olivier Lamy []
Sent: 10 August 2010 23:26
To: Maven Users List;
Cc: Maven Developers List
Subject: [ANN] Release Maven Site Plugin 3.0-beta-1 for maven 3

The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Site
Plugin, version 3.0-beta-1 for Maven 3.
This version is intended to be the first version of the Maven Site
Plugin for Maven 3 and it currently only works with Apache Maven

The Site Plugin is used to generate a site for the project. The
generated site also includes the project's reports that were configured
in the <reporting> section of the POM.

The 3.x version of the Site Plugin has changed the way you configure
reports. You can read more about the new configuration mode at [1].

You should specify the version in the <build> section of your project's POM:


Release Notes - Maven Site Plugin - Version 3.0-beta-1

MSITE-456 - regression Site navigation not generated
MSITE-460 - error when using Maven 3.x with maven-site-plugin 3.x
MSITE-477 - <menu ref="modules"/> href's drop the leading character in
the href when staging a site
MSITE-490 - WARNING Deprecated API called - not
org.apache.maven.doxia.sink.Sink instance and no SinkFactory
available. Please update this plugin.

MSITE-436 - regenerate every page when site.xml (direct or parent) is changed
New Feature
MSITE-463 - Lithuanian translation
MSITE-465 - Add a site:effective-site goal (similar to help:effective-pom)

MSITE-478 - Attach site descriptor as an artifact, not metadata, to the project
MSITE-482 - Update to Doxia 1.1.3
MSITE-487 - upgrade source to java 5

Users interested in testing this beta release should have a glance at
the compatibility notes for known differences between Maven 3.0 and
Maven 2.x:

Know limitations :
* deployment vith dav currently doesn't work.

You must note that the default execution of site:attach-descriptor has
been removed from the built-in lifecycle bindings for projects with
packaging "pom".
So now, you have to define the following goal execution to restore the
intended behavior:


On the wiki page [2], you will find more information on how to
configure your POM in order to be able to continue building site with
both Maven 2.x and Maven 3.

You must note this version is a beta. You will find more informations
on migration [4]

The Maven  Team

[1] Section "New Configuration"
[2] Section "Using
maven-site-plugin 2.x with Maven 2.x and maven-site-plugin 3.x with
Maven 3.x"

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