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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Project as jar and war
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 12:24:35 GMT
  This is pretty common when you develop webservices.
We are using CXF for Web Service.
The WebService module produces the WAR for the service as well as a JAR 
that any client can use to construct its access modules that use the Web 

Here are the fragment from thePOM and the entire assembly XML file.

I hope that this helps.


The Plug-in definition from the POM



The assembly file


On 27/08/2010 5:03 AM, Stephen Connolly wrote:
> I suggest that you have a look at the war:war goal documentation,
> specifically around creation of a secondary jar artifact... but you are
> fighting maven and I recommend that you read
> On 27 August 2010 09:32, Sebastian Oerding<>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> when migrating to Maven 2 we have a multi-module project. The core
>> component is a web application but it also contains classes required for
>> other modules to compile.
>> Let's say we have
>> 0 the parent pom project for all modules
>> A (the core) with packaging as war and
>> B which depends on A
>> When running mvn install on the pom.xml from the parent project (0), maven
>> complains about an unresolved dependency for A.jar. While that's absolutely
>> correct as there is only A.war, not A.jar
>> I have some diffculties to solve this issue. When I tried to set type for
>> dependancy to war, I got some exceptions.
>> I think the Maven way / good design would require to split up the project
>> but that is not possible by now, so please don't give that advise.
>> Is there a way to build the module twice, once as jar and once as war or to
>> tell Maven to include the required dependencies? From that what I've read
>> until now it should be possible by using two different pom.xml (yes, really
>> bad), but maybe it is possible by defining own goal/lifecyle phase and using
>> the assembly plugin (twice). But I'm new to Maven and this seems to be a
>> quite complex for me
>> as newbie by now.
>> Today when running mvn install on the parent pom everything seems to be
>> fine. Has this issue been solved in the last two weeks? I haven't checked if
>> there is a new version of some Maven plugin and the things are really going
>> on the last few weeks, new versions of m2eclipse, maven3-SNAPSHOT (embedded
>> in m2eclipse) and some plugins all over there.
>> With kind regards Sebastian
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