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From Thiébault Benoît <>
Subject Moving files around with Maven
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 08:12:11 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am developing a multi-module maven application with iPOJO (

Each module produces a jar file that is an OSGi bundle that I then execute within an OSGi
container (

What I want to do is to automatically copy those files into my Felix directory to test them.

My first reflex was to use the assembly plugin. I encountered the problem that the parent
pom was executed before the children poms and finally created a dedicated module that would
do the job (as explained here

But now, I have all my jar files in the $PROJECT_HOME/Modules/assembly-module/target/assembly-module-1.0-SNAPSHOT-assembly/
directory... which is not what I expect. How can I move them to my Felix directory (which
is not in the $PROJECT_HOME directory) ? Am I using the right plugin or is it better to use
the deploy plugin in this case ?

Kind regards,

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