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From Michael O'Cleirigh <>
Subject How to resolve properties defined in another (external) artifact?
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 19:51:11 GMT

The case I am looking at is that I have two maven artifact hierarchies 
that are independent.

Hierarchy A artifacts are core code that is shared between a bunch of 
different projects.

Hierarchy B artifacts are for a single project and in some cases depend 
on artifacts from A.

Now the A artifacts pull in the dependencies and define property values 
to represent the version of the artifact.

The B projects don't care about the version but we need to make sure 
that the versions used in B match the versions used in A.

In the A hierarchy I can define the ${something.version} and then in A 
modules it will be able to resolve it.

My question is if there is a way to get the ${something.version} 
property from the A artifact from within the B hierarchy.

Right now I have to create a matching ${something.version} in the B pom 
and manually keep them matched on the same version.  But I think there 
must be a command or module that will allow this kind of inter artifact 
property resolution.

A concrete example would be that A sets a ${spring.version} and in B we 
want to include a different spring artifact but have the version be 
aligned with what is being included with the A artifacts.



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