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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject Deploying site updates to Apache websites
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 18:02:44 GMT
I'm investigating using Maven site-deploy to update parts of our site on
Apache.  Currently, we don't use maven site-deploy for this; instead we
put the generated content (html, etc.) into svn, and then go to and "checkout" or svn update into a directory there
/www/x.y.z/etc   where x.y.z is the project's website address.

I looked but did not see any documentation on how to configure the
<distributionManagement> <url> element for this.  The docs mention
various transports (ftp, webdav, scp) but don't provide information on
how to write the url.  And, I don't know what protocol(s) supports for this.  I know I can log in from a
terminal, and scp works.  But for instance, if I was using scp, I don't
know what I would write in the url to get something uploaded to a point
in /www/x.y.z/a/b/c.  Would it be:
scp:// ?  In other words, does the url
part starting after the hostname get mapped to people's top directory?

-Marshall Schor

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