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From Justin Edelson <>
Subject Re: JDBC error in test when run from Linux
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2010 13:37:27 GMT
Can you post the properties file you're referencing as well as the
resources section of the effective pom? This looks like a resource
filtering problem to me...

And when you say that "CoreDtaSource/core-datasource" is a separate
module in "the main build," do you mean that both
CoreDataSource/core-datasource and your application are both modules in
a multi-module build? If so, does this error only happen when your
application build is done within the context of a multi-module build or
both in multi-module and single-module builds?


if your project structure is
+                +-core-datasource/
+                                 +-pom.xml

do you get the error when running Maven from / and /app/ or just /?


On 4/8/10 7:04 PM, Shelley, Ryan wrote:
> We've been building our application on Maven 2.1 for awhile just fine.
> We build it manually and with a continuous integration tool (Hudson)
> without issue.  I moved Hudson from a Windows box to a Linux box, and
> suddenly we started getting this following error running the tests:
> 2010-04-08 15:56:51,846 [main] ERROR
> org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter - Cannot create JDBC driver of
> class 'com.jnetdirect.jsql.JSQLDriver' for connect URL
> '
> <> ' Cannot create
> JDBC driver of class 'com.jnetdirect.jsql.JSQLDriver' for connect URL
> '
> <> '
> java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
> "CoreDataSource/core-datasource" is a separate custom Maven module
> dependency in the main build.  I'm not sure where it's picking up this
> value instead of using the one we have in our properties file,
> especially being that this works fine on Windows and Mac OSX.  Any
> ideas?
> Thanks!
> -Ryan

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