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From Stefan Hübner <>
Subject Re: possible to ship an Ant based plugin with resources?
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2010 14:05:28 GMT
> If i understand the things correct you have to locate the scripts into the
> default location of the plugin (src/main/sripts)...?

Say, I have a SQL script that I want to execute from my Ant based mojo
using sql ant task. I put that script in the plugin's
src/main/scripts. My problem is how to point the SQL task to that

	<sql driver="${db.driver}" url="${db.url}"
	     userid="${db.user}" password="${db.pwd}"
	    <fileset file="createVersionTable.sql" />

When the plugin gets executed on the target project, I get "Source
file or resource collection, transactions or sql statement must be

Any ideas?

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