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From "Larionov, Konstantin" <>
Subject Parameterized artifactId?
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 10:49:56 GMT

I just met with a little bit strange (from my point of view) artifact in
the JBoss maven2 repository.
It is for the richfaces-impl artifact and located at

If you will take a look into this POM file you will find that artifact
tag value is equal to '${classifiedArtifactId}' parameter instead of
'richfaces-impl' value.
And there is <profiles /> section in the POM file where
'${classifiedArtifactId}' parameter is defined.
For instance:

<name>Java Server Faces AJAX framework implementation</name>

The question is: is it good practice to design POMs in that way?
The fact is that it is impossible to work with such POMs using the
Apache Ivy dependency manager and also looks like it will not work with
Maven prior to the 2.1.0.

Can anyone from you, maven-hardened persons, express your opinion?

Sincerely yours,
Konstantin Larionov
Team leader, Custom Software/iPat
+ 7 831 2722165 *2456#

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