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From "Brian C. Dilley" <>
Subject multi-company branching/release conundrum
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 18:49:17 GMT
    I work for a company that manages many SCM repositories and many 
maven 2 projects.  Each of these companies have their own code base and 
maven repositories and share a few (10-12) maven projects in an SCM that 
all of the companies have access to.   Currently each company has their 
own branch in the shared repository and things are merged from 
trunk->branch and branch<-trunk as needed.  Each company's branch is 
updated from trunk on an as needed basis as doing so incurs extra QA 
time (whatever was in trunk needs to be tested within their environment).

    How would you guys handle this situation?  Each company needs to be 
able to deploy their own versions of the shared Maven2 projects to the 
shared repository without writing over each other's artifacts in that 
shared repository.  I thought of using classifiers for the companies - 
but the maven deploy plugin doesn't add the classifier to the deploy 
goal.  Any help would be appreciated :)

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