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From Lóránt Pintér <>
Subject Site generation questions
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:59:18 GMT

I have a multi-module project I want to generate a site for in Hudson.

1) Do I have to do "mvn clean install site-deploy", or is it enough to
do "mvn clean site-deploy"?

2) How is the Maven 3 site generation coming along? Is there a way to
use Maven 3 to generate a site at the moment, or do I need to use
Maven 2 still?

3) Is there a way to use Maven 3 in Hudson now with the full
integration, or do I need to execute it as a command-line build still?
If the integration is not available, are there any plans to get it
working in the near future?

4) If I do "mvn clean install site-deploy", I get all my projects
rebuilt several times during site-generation. Is this normal? I'm
using Maven 2 in this case.


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