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From Lóránt Pintér <>
Subject Transitive exclusions in multi-module project with Maven 2.2.1
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 15:50:23 GMT

I have a project called Client that depends on a side-artifact of
project Server (actually, its RMI client classes; the artifact has the
classifier "rmi"), but excludes each of Server's dependencies. I also
have an assembly project called Client-assembly that depends on
project Client (and thus transitively on Server:rmi). All the projects
have a common Parent project. Everything works fine with Maven
3-alpha-5+, but I have to use Maven 2.2.1 in Hudson, and I have
problems there.

Whenever I build each project individually with Maven 2, they work
fine, but when I build the parent project, the Client-assembly project
suddenly forgets to exclude the dependencies excluded for project
Client. I cannot even work around this by repeating the exclusions
defined in project Client in project Client-assembly.

I can only "solve" the issue by forcing the plugin I use to create the
assembly (maven-webstart-plugin) to ignore all transitive
dependencies, and enumerate all the ones I actually need, but this is
extremely ugly. And I have the same problem (and "solution") with
using the maven-assembly-plugin, too.

Is there some nicer solution to get my projects built under both Maven
2 and 3 properly?


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