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From Maruf Aytekin <>
Subject Re: Eear libraries classpath
Date Tue, 02 Feb 2010 07:54:54 GMT
Hi Wayne

Thanks for your response on this.

>> Is this a problem; having ModuleB as ModuleB.jar in ear package? Can
>> ModuleA fsee ModuleB on the classpath?
> When you tested this EAR with your target Java EE app server, what
> happened? Did things deploy and work properly, or no?

No this did not work. ModuleA did not see ModuleB untill I rename
ModuleB jar with the version number.

>> If the answer is no, how do I addd dependencies to the
>> classpath without version numbers only with the finalNames?
> I'd just keep the version numbers everywhere in the first place, and
> avoid this entire discussion. What possible reason do you have for
> removing them from some of your dependencies?

We have an ejb that is a dependency for many other modules which is
being deployed to weblogic. The reason we would like to name the ejbs
without version numbers as final name is that they are being deployed
to various of weblogic instances. We don't want to redeploy each ejbs
to it's target each time we make a release.


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