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From Edward Peschko <>
Subject building, installing, using maven COMPLETELY OFFLINE (setting up local mini repository)
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2010 18:26:25 GMT

I need to support a project where I cannot access the internet, even
by proxy. And I'd like to use some tools that require maven support
for building (apache commons, for example).

I see offline mode, and gave it a try, but it STILL seems to still
want to connect to the internet when both building maven, and when
building apache commons. This is as of 2.1.0.

Anyways, what I was hoping to do was to trick maven to run from a sole
pre setup repository; ie: to build a cache on another machine,  tar up
that complete cache and move that cache to the local directory to
build it from there. I would have thought this would be simple (in
fact it should work out of the box IMO) but I don't see any HOWTO
document offhand.

Any help on this would be great and IMO this should be a FAQ.

Thanks much,


(ps -  BTW - I did try to do a search, but the mail archive at

doesn't have a search feature for some odd reason.

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