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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: "pdf:pdf" and sub-sections in table of contents
Date Sun, 14 Feb 2010 07:25:13 GMT

The TOC is not auto-generated, you have to hard-code every item in your pdf.xml. 
There are however still limitations:


antipattern37 wrote:
> Hello
> I'm in the process of creating PDF documentation with the Doxia plugin of Maven 2.2.1
(invoked by "mvn pdf:pdf").
> I have successfully converted my documentation (in APT format) to a PDF file. So far
I'm pretty happy with the results.
> One thing bothers me, though. The table of contents (TOC) in the generated PDF doesn't
contain the sub-sections of my APT file.
> There is only one entry in the generated TOC which references the whole APT file.
> I've tried changing the "depth" attribute in the Document Descriptor's "<toc/>"
element (src/site/pdf.xml).
> Unfortunately to no avail. The generated TOC still doesn't contain the sub-sections of
my APT file.
> One thing I noticed: If I'm using the "itext" implementation of the plugin ("mvn pdf:pdf
-Dimplementation=itext") the TOC is generated the way I want it.
> I dont't want to use the "itext" implementation because it lacks some nice things the
default "fo" implementation offers (e.g. page numbering, footer, header, ...).
> Is the creation of a TOC with sub-sections a feature that is exclusive to the "itext"
> And just in case it's really not possible to it with Maven's "pdf:pdf" plugin: Are there
other ways to convert from APT to PDF?
> Thanks in advance
> Oliver

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