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From Adam Flinton <>
Subject Class inheritance and maven parameters
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2010 12:10:08 GMT
Dear All

I have a base class such as

public class CommonAceImporter extends AbstractMojo {

This then contains a number of basic Parameters e.g.

      * Location of the data directory to read from.
      * @parameter
      * @required
     public File srcDir;

      * Location of the ace data directory to write to.
      * @parameter
      * @required
     public File aceDir;

If I then extend this class and the CommonAceImporter class is in the
same jar everything is OK.

If I refactor and move the CommonAceImporter class into a different
package & a separate jar & then add that jar as a dependency then the
parameters are set but are then reported as being null.

i.e. if I comment out the parameters I get the error saying these params
must be set. If I have them set then if in execute I have:

             getLog().info("CommonAceImporter srcDir = " + srcDir);
             getLog().info("ACE dir: " + aceDir);
             getLog().info("path: " + path);
             getLog().info("Effective Date: " + effectiveDate);

Then then above logging reports the parameters as null &


naturally fails as aceDir is null.

So If I have a class which extends AbstractMojo in one package and jar,
and I add it to the dependencies & then I extend come the
parameters are being set but then appear to be null?

Again...the exact same class in the same jar (but still in it's own
package) fine.




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