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From Julien HENRY <>
Subject Re : Embedded error: Unknown artifact type[]
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 18:14:15 GMT

> >  - where do you think should I open the JIRA issue? In EAR plugin or Maven 
> core?
> If you think this is a bug in the EAR plugin, then open it there.

In fact I guess it is somewhere in Maven core (something concerning dependency/classpath resolution
in reactor build). The fact it works with Maven 3 tends to support this theory. But I would
like a confirmation. Perhaps similar bug report already exists.

> >  - do you think there is half a chance the bug may be fixed in 2.2.x branch?
> If its simply a bug in a plugin, it seems more likely to be fixed (and
> sooner) than finding and fixing a bunch in 2.2.x.

Yeah, that's what I believe too. I've recently started a thread about the current dilemma
in corporate environment: Stable Maven 2 will certainly not receive major fix concerning this
kind of bug (Maven 3 was actually written to clean dependency management). On the other hand
Maven 3 is still flagged as alpha which prevents adoption in certain corporate projects.


> Wayne
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