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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Site generation for multiple modules is not working properly
Date Wed, 30 Dec 2009 23:26:03 GMT
DebasisM wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I am having some problem while generating site for multiple modules.
> 1.I am having 7 modules.I am having a parent pom and i am running install
> and deploy goal in the parent one which does for all the moduels defined in
> the parent pom.but i want to generate the sites for only 2 modules .how can
> i restrict that?

Only run 'mvn site' on the modules you want a site for.

> 2.I want my modules menu shlud be different.that i have configured in the
> site.xml .then also it is inheriting form the parent site.xml.

Don't put
<menu ref="modules" />
in your site.xml. Create your own menu instead.

> 3.Links to the modules is not coming.thats why I am generating the sites
> individually and manually deploying it to the can i automate
> this.meaning link should come automatically having different menu(left side)
> for different modules and it should be deployed to tomcat when hudson will
> fire the goal site:deploy.

> 4.I am using pom aggregation as well as pom inheritance together.previously
> i was using only pom aggregation thats why i was unable to see my modules
> names in the parent sites.then i did pom inheritance now module names it is
> showing but it is not giving the link to the modules.

See above.

> 5.I checked in the documentation in site:stage goal we can check the
> multimodule site generation.but link is not working.

What is not working?
Which version of the Site Plugin are you using?

> Please let me know where i am missing anything.
> Thanks,
> Debasis

Dennis Lundberg

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