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From Mike Olson <Michae...@Sun.COM>
Subject Issues with plugin dependencies
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 22:29:55 GMT


  This is with Maven 2.2.1.

  I have an aggregate POM file that contains 2 child projects, say 
project A and project B.

  Each of these child projects uses a custom build plugin.  Project A 
calls it like


Basically it invokes a custom MOJO in the generate-sources phase.  The 
plugin uses information on the classpath (among other things) to 
determine what code to generate.

Child project 2 has the exact same setup "however" it changes the 
dependency defined in the plugin to be dependent on a different project.

When I build each project individually, they build perfectly fine.  
However, when I build the aggregate project, child project 2 fails 
because it is using the dependencies of the first project.  I have 
verified this with various dumps of the class path, etc.  I have tried 
inheriting the plugin information, separate plugin definitions in the 
child project, many configurations. It always seems that the first time 
a plugin is loaded that is the classpath used for that plugin whenever 
it is executed.

Is this a bug?  I would have expected the inline dependencies to work 
just like the configuration section of a plugin, basically it is for 
that invocation only.

If this is not a bug, how should I be invoking the same plugin twice, 
with different class paths, within the same build.



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