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From "Qureshi,Shahzad [Ontario]" <>
Subject RE: Problem in creating own archetype
Date Fri, 13 Nov 2009 23:49:10 GMT
I should mention that compile and install of archetype works fine, I am
encountering all these issues when I am trying to create the archetype

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From: Qureshi,Shahzad [Ontario] [] 
Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 6:46 PM
Subject: Problem in creating own archetype

Hi all,

I am trying to convince my group here to start using Maven instead of
Ant. I am preparing a demonstration for them and in the process, I am
trying to create my own archetype. I've done it before but this time I
am stuck at something which I've no idea how to solve.

I want the project directory structure to be

- bin
  -- file1
- src
  -- main
    -- java
+ site
+ test

So I've all that setup in archetype-resources folder and here is my
archetype.xml within META-INF directory

  <!-- this id tag should be same as the artifactId in the archetype

The amount of problems I am encountering with something simple as this,
I've a feeling that this resources folder is supposed to do something
other then what I am trying to do.

Q1- How do I include the bin folder where I want it?

Main problem I am encountering is I haven't been able to figure out how
to include the entire directory and its files without specifying each
file the way I've shown above and ** doesn't work and neither does
specifying a directory and include tag

ANOTHER weird problem is that when Maven encounters that, it
for some reason tries to open it and parse it because I get an exception
like this.... Parser Eception:
eException: Encountered .....

Q2- Why is Maven trying to parse my shell script?

I would appreciate any help you can provide, if I am unable to prove to
my group how useful Maven is (this is the only snag left), I am afraid
we'll keep using ANT

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