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From "Jamie Whitehouse" <>
Subject RE: Using the Maven Deploy Plugin
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 21:40:54 GMT
No, it's http that you want.

Since you used file initially you'll probably see your artifacts on your
local disk in a directory like

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From: Neil Chaudhuri [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 2009 4:32 PM
To: Maven Users List
Subject: RE: Using the Maven Deploy Plugin

As illuminating as that link is, I have my pom setup in precisely that
fashion. The only difference is that I am not using either scp or sftp
as my protocol because they are not appropriate in my case. 

Is file: the correct protocol since the server is not secure? 


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From: Stevo Slavic []
Sent: Thu 11/12/2009 3:14 PM
To: Maven Users List
Subject: Re: Using the Maven Deploy Plugin


On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 9:30 PM, Neil Chaudhuri <> wrote:

> We have an internal Maven repository that I can view in my browser at 
> http://myserver:8081/nexus/content/repositories/myRepo/. I am simply 
> trying to upload my generated WAR file to this repository. I have set 
> up credentials in settings.xml, and my pom is set up as follows:
> <repository>
>            <id>my-maven-repo</id>
>            <name>Internal Maven Repository</name>
>  <url>file://myserver:8081/nexus/content/repositories/myRepo/</url>
> </repository>
> This work great and I get a BUILD SUCCESSFUL message.
> The problem is that when I go back to
> http://myserver:8081/nexus/content/repositories/myRepo/, I can't see
> Any ideas as to what is going on here?
> Thanks.

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