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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject [ANN] Maven Ant Plugin 2.3 Released
Date Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:10:00 GMT
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Ant
Plugin, version 2.3.

This plugin generates build files for Ant from a POM. See the plugin's
site for more details:

To use the updated plugin in your projects, you need to add the
following snippet to the plugins or plugin management section of your POM:


Release Notes - Maven 2.x Ant Plugin - Version 2.3

** Bug
     * [MANT-60] - Generated "package" task for EAR/WAR is missing
transitive dependencies

** Improvement
     * [MANT-61] - Classpath generation should honour system-scope.

** New Feature
     * [MANT-59] - Add support for generating build files when


-The Maven team

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