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From "David C. Hicks" <>
Subject Re: Maven-release-plugin checking in the pom twice
Date Sun, 08 Nov 2009 05:30:09 GMT
Typically, you will be developing a SNAPSHOT version of the release
version.  In other words, you might be working on 3.0-SNAPSHOT.  When
you do the release, you should release 3.0.  Your next development
version would then be 3.1-SNAPSHOT.  Your submodules will generally have
the same version as your master.

It sounds to me like the release plugin is doing exactly what it's
supposed to do, though.


DebasisM wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I am using release-plugin.i observed it is checking in the pom is
> for release and other is for next development iteration.
> The second time check in is keeping me in problem.
> I am having 7 submodules.release checkin is working perfectly i,e -it is
> changing the version no of all the submodules pom.and creating the
> fine
> when second time it checks in it is again changing the version of the pom
> i,e old version.which i don,t want.
> If I released my project then again why should i keep working in the older
> version i don't understand.
> Example-my version was-3.0
> my release version is 3.1.
> but in the next development iteration the parent pom version is 3.1-snapshot
> and submodules version becomes 3.0.but i want parent pom version should be
> 3.1-snapshot and submodules should be 3.1 not 3.0.
> How can i achieve that.other wise i can't use this plugin .i need to change
> the version no of my pom manually and creating tag manually.
> Thanks,
> Debasis

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