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From Jason Voegele <>
Subject Re: EJB 2.0 artifacts
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 16:15:37 GMT
On Tuesday 03 November 2009 11:00:24 am Jason Voegele wrote:
> I am converting an Ant project that uses EJB 2.0 classes from the javax.ejb
> package (EJBObject, EJBHome, EJBMetaData) to use Maven.  The Ant build
>  works by compiling against an ejb.jar file in the project's lib directory.
>   For the Maven build, I am wondering if there are any existing Maven
>  artifacts for EJB 2.0 on any public repository?  I've searched around a
>  bit, and although I've found some artifacts that claim to contain these
>  javax.ejb classes, they all seem to have them bundled with something else.
>   Any pointers?

Turns out that org.apache.openejb:javaee-api:5.0-1 had what I needed.

Jason Voegele
We're here to give you a computer, not a religion.
		-- attributed to Bob Pariseau, at the introduction of the Amiga

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