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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Maven Central Repository - Cleanup Efforts
Date Sat, 26 Sep 2009 19:15:53 GMT

On 2009-09-26, at 10:58 AM, Albert Kurucz wrote:

> Very nice idea to measure the quality.
> But sorry Tamas, 50% corrupt or 90% corrupt does not make a  
> difference for me.
> Especially not, when I have feeling that it is possible to maintain a
> 100% clean repo with the right automation tools.
> If Sonatype's goal is to sell these tools only for paying customers I
> don't have a bad feeling about that. Everyone has to make a living.
> But I hope sometime similar tools and a clean repo will be available
> for the open public.
> I hope OSS developers will recognize the need for quality (and a high
> quality repo).

Not having a super high quality central repository actually makes our  
commercial efforts a lot harder. If I was devious I would have agreed  
with Brett and would make a completely clean central repository as our  
plans require intact repositories. But we don't have a clean  
repository and trying to make a separate one would be a disaster for  
general use. You have to live with what's there and Sonatype will  
actually invest in cleaning up the generally available repository. We  
already have with efforts like this:

It would actually cost us more in support with our clients to maintain  
a dirty Maven Central and a clean Maven Central with the confusion,  
interoperability problems and general issues of potential distrust it  
just makes no business sense. Now the information we want to add is of  
enormous value but it's predicated on generally improving the quality  
of Maven Central. I don't want Sonatype to be known as the company  
that stole Maven Central, doesn't do us any good. So trying to  
sequester improved metadata somewhere is pointless. If the base  
information is not good, then the whole system is crippled and that  
screws Sonatype as well as everyone else.

So the information in Maven Central on a per-project basis I see  
increasing greatly with some tools that Sonatype is developing in  
Nexus and M2Eclipse and this will benefit all Maven users generally.  
I'm certainly going to leverage that improved information, but so can  
anyone else.

> On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Hervé BOUTEMY  
> <> wrote:
>> Le samedi 26 septembre 2009, Tamás Cservenák a écrit :
>>> I think we all need some clarification, since we all talk about  
>>> "quality"
>>> (we all agreed upon the basic things unanimously).
>>> What is the "quality" of a maven repository (in general)? Can we  
>>> measure
>>> it? Can we define it?
>>> A wiki page with piled up (even personal) opinions would be good --
>> don't hesitate to start one on MAVENUSER Wiki [1]
>>> whatever they are -- and later we should cherry-pick the most  
>>> relevant ones
>>> to build some tooling to build these metric. And then, we could  
>>> "measure"
>>> the quality of different reposes (like central) and have a list of  
>>> reposes
>>> that do meet certain "level of quality" and list publicly the  
>>> others that
>>> does not.
>> [1]
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Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven

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