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From "Roland Asmann" <>
Subject Re: Multi-module build/dependency behavior?
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 20:33:58 GMT
It's looking for dependencies in target/classes? Really?

Normally, Maven reads the POM in the directory you start it from. If this
POM contains modules, those are loaded as well (and if they have modules,
those are loaded too... ad infinitum). Then, if some of those modules have
dependencies to each other, they are NOT loaded from the local repository,
but from the reactor (Maven might shuffle your list of dependencies a bit
to make sure the modules are build in such a way that the dependencies are
already built when another project needs it).

I hope this answers your question. If not, pleas be a bit more specific
about what your problem is/what you want to know/do!


> When performing [clean] install on multi-module projects, where is maven
> supposed to look for (child) dependencies?  Does it look in target/classes
> or does it look at the jar previously installed in the local repo?
> We have two systems where one seems to be looking in the local repo for
> all
> dependencies and one looking in target/classes.  I thought maven always
> used
> the local repo only but is this configurable?  How is this supposed to
> work?
> -Dave

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