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From Manos Batsis <>
Subject Re: Javascript support
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 12:44:27 GMT
Minto van der Sluis wrote:
> What's the best way to handle javascript using Maven? I have searched 
> the ML archive but it seems all projects have sort of died
> I have looked at javascript-maven-pluging [1]. But:
> - svn activity is near to none for the last year.
> - sources and web-site seem to be out of sync.
> - site contains a few dead links ()
> - dedicated mailing list archive seem to have disappeared
> Jstools plugin does not seems to be in a much better shape.
> - last svn activity is 19 months ago.
> - less functionality than javascript-maven-plugin
> Same goes for the maven-js-plugin [3] :
> - functionality limited to compression
> - the still some very limited svn activity,

None of the above projects are dead AFAIK. None of them tries to provide 
everything plus the kitchen sink but they work. People use them together 
since their overlap is rather minimal.

IMHO, their development is under hibernation due to luck of 
interest/suggestions/involvement from plugin users.



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