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From Roland Asmann <>
Subject Re: Cobertura in EAR artefacts
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 16:03:09 GMT
Couldn't you just package the cobertura-jars in your EAR and run 
integration-tests on them? I believe that Cobertura writes all calls to the 
respective data-files when methods are called... At least, last time I 
checked this worked for me... :-)

To use the cobertura-jars, just add the cobertura:instrument call in the POM 
and Maven will handle the rest... Be carefull though, it's probably best to 
do this in a test-profile, since your normal artifacts will now have 
Cobertura-classes in them!

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On Monday 14 September 2009 17:21, Frederic Camblor wrote:
> Hi folks !
> I'm facing a problematic concerning the cobertura report.
> Suppose we have an EAR Application with :
> - A Business module
> - A Web module
> Web layer uses the Business Layer.
> Unit tests are made in both Business and WEB modules.
> When I run tests on WEB module, some Business classes are called during the
> test process.
> My problem is : I don't know how to parameterize cobertura in order to
> aggregate results from Business layer during the Web Layer tests execution.
> That is to say, for now on, I've only 10% of test coverage on Business
> layer and 50% of test coverage on Web layer ... because they are aggregated
> * independently* !
> Although I'm sure I could have almost ~40% of test coverage on Business
> layer with the execution of tests on Web layer :(
> Someone already faced the problem ?
> Thanks in advance
> Frederic

Roland Asmann

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